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 MOC® Shaker Bag

 U.S. PATENT No.  9,821,284


Why MixOnCommand®

The concept of an alternative Ready To Drink (RTD) Single Serve Package for nutritional products was conceived in 2004. We wanted to provide consumers with a product that is pure, fresh, convenient, and environmentally friendly with efficacy - ingredients pre-measured, without retort heat treatment to maintain bioactivity, flavor, and taste with unnecessary stabilizers or emulsifiers and no degradation, sedimentation or separation during distribution.  

Our legacy MixOnCommand® MOC® CAPS, while achieving our objectives, required a specific water bottle and was difficult to market. Our 2nd generation patented Shaker Bag Mixing Assembly achieves all our legacy objectives and is completely self- contained.  

Just add Water, Shake and Enjoy. Mobile Nutrition Anywhere Anytime. No internal mixing device, no clean up and 100% recyclable. We call this our MOC® Shaker Bag. A proven design and marketed since 2016 - and

The package weight is less than a lightweight water bottle. Transporting the exact pre-measured dry ingredients, unnecessary energy in processing and sterilization, no cleaning of mixers or shaker bottles and unnecessary additives makes the MOC® Shaker Bag an environmentally friendly and convenient package.    

Design Features 

Patented design that allows the liquid to filtrate and traverse around the ingredients to avoid clumping and to provide shear and mixing - " linear bottom portion of the bag that lacks a flat surface and gussets" (US Patent # 9821284) 

-No mixing device 


-Optional sizing to suit product needs


-Wide mouth spout for filling ingredients and adding   liquid.


-Tamper proof cap

- Recyclable materials   

Portable - Light - Convenient


Anywhere Anytime. No clean up, no smelly shaker bottle and 100% recyclable.

Ready To Drink


Just add water, Milk or Juice. SHAKE & ENJOY



Formulations open to imagination.

No emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives necessary. Bioactivity,

efficacy, flavor, taste & sedimentation stable for prolonged shelf life.

Exact serving size without overages.

Long Shelf Life


Prolonged shelf life of dry ingredients. Bioactivity stable. No refrigeration.

Low Cost Shipping Designed for e-Commerce


Lightweight package, dry ingredients only, no refrigeration.

Environmentally Friendly


Lightweight, recyclable, no secondary processing, bottle water not necessary. Efficient distribution with just dry ingredients.


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