An Alternative Single Serve Beverage RTD

A patented design without a mixing device that allows the liquid to filtrate and traverse around the ingredients to avoid clumping and to provide shear and mixing. Unlike our competitors we have a wide mouth for easy filling of the powder & liquid.

Portable – Light – Convenient Your Brand

Anywhere Anytime. No clean up. No smelly shaker bottle. 58g vs 350g for other RTD’s

Think of the savings in distribution costs (1/6th ) and opportunities for e-Commerce.


Infinite Formulations Open To Imagination


No product degradation, overages, emulsifiers, stabilizes or thickeners necessary


Easy to Flavor


Immune Compounds


Exact Serving Size

6 x less ship weight for e-Commerce

Stable and Long Shelf Life

Mix On Command®). The real meaning of fresh.

Adding water at time of consumption

means no ingredient degradation, stable bioactives, and no “agents” necessary to maintain viscosity to avoid sedimentation.

Low-Cost Market Entry

Your formulation and label design.

Low Minimums.

ECO Friendly

Single material to recycle – PE vs 6 layers PE/Foil/Paper. Light weight -15g vs 20g plus 330g water.

Don’t be fooled with other RTD’s which are 40% plastic, 4% Aluminum and 56% Cardboard made up in 6 layers which most municipalities cannot process.

No secondary processing (Energy savings). 6x less ship weight than other RTD’s

Mix On Command® (MOC®) Shaker Bag 

Patent US 9,821,284 Abstract: