MOC® Nutrition  Mobile Nutrition Anywhere Anytime


Delivered in our Patented MixOnCommand® MOC® Shaker Bag.


Just ADD Water, Milk or Juice (6-10oz) SHAKE, and ENJOY.

Allow a few minutes to hydrate or refrigerate for a cooler experience.  


· Multi Component Diffusion Technologies (MCDT™) 

· Precise and stable macro and micronutrient composition and formulations.

· Precise and stable nutritional and bioactive values and functions. 

· Selected ingredients for functionality and performance.

Fresh and Pure: 

· Mix On Command! The real meaning of fresh!

· No Preservatives

· All-Natural Flavors 

· No processing aids stabilizers or secondary heat treatments. 

· The Ultimate for Results, Taste, Convenience, and Portability.

Stability and Bioactivity: 

· No product degradation, sedimentation or separation during distribution. 

· All natural and added bioactive ingredients (Enzymes, Probiotics, Immune compounds, Vitamins, Minerals, antioxidants etc) remain un-denatured without further degradation during distribution. 

Efficient and Green: 

· Exact formulation and serving size.

· Delivered in lightweight packaging for efficient distribution. 

· No high heat processing, additives or preservatives reducing energy and costs.

· Bottled water is not necessary.

· No clean up required. 

· Recyclable. Please dispose the package thoughtfully.

MOC®; MIXONCOMMAN®; MCDT™ are registered marks of JPro Dairy International, Inc.