Our Story


JPro, MixOnCommand® and MOC® Nutrition Story

JPro Dairy International, Inc., a California Corporation, was formed in 2001 for import, export and brokerage of Milk, Whey and Cheese products. The concept of a Single Serve Delivery System for nutritional products was conceived in 2004. Our legacy patented (4) MixOnCommand® MOC® Cap was commercialized in 2008. However, its dependency on fitting to a water bottle became obsolete with the proliferation of multiple thread configurations and we conceded.

The business was converted to a nutritional contract manufacturing facility providing further exposure to product formulation, branding and time to conceive and develop our second generation MixOnCommand® - MOC® Shaker Bag

Our innovative, patented MOC® Shaker Bag evolved as a consumer-friendly package overcoming the reliance of a water bottle while retaining and enhancing all the legacy MixOn Command® parameters - delivering 10 – 50gm single serving of nutritional ingredients with convenience, freshness and efficacy. 

Under the umbrella of JPro Dairy International Inc., the MOC® Nutrition brand was established (2016) featuring a range of Milk and Whey Protein fractions manufactured by Multi Component Diffusion Technologies (MCDT™) in our MOC® Shaker Bag

We now offer MOC® Shaker Bag to third party and private label interests. 

The ultimate in convenience, freshness, taste, bioactivity, efficacy and efficiency. 

Garry P Johns: 

President, JPro Dairy International, Inc.