Mix On Command® (MOC®) Shaker Bag 

Patent US 9,821,284 Abstract:

A mixing assembly includes a bag of appropriate size, configuration, shape and material and a closable spout that may have extensions of various lengths, shapes and configurations to provide enhanced mixing of a component contained in the bag upon the addition of a second component. Once the closure of the spout is removed, the second component, typically a liquid such as water, milk, juice, chemical, oil substrate, or the like, can be added to the container for mixing. After the closure is refitted, the two components are mixed then consumed or dispensed, either by removing the closure or from a separate spout or nozzle fitted to the closure.

Design Features 

A patented design that allows the liquid to filtrate and traverse around the ingredients to avoid clumping and to provide shear and mixing.

Claim 1:

"An assembly for mixing contents therein, comprising a bag having an interior for containing a product therein, the bag formed from a front panel and a rear panel:

a spout fluidly connecting with the interior of the bag ;

an expandable side gusset forming sides of the bag, the expandable side gusset including a first expandable side gusset connecting first sides of the front panel and the rear panel; and

a linear bottom of the bag that omits a flat surface and lacks gussets, the linear bottom formed from sealing a bottom edge of the front panel and the rear panel; and 

a connecting bottom portion of the bag that lacks gussets and extends from the linear bottom at each side thereof , the connecting bottom portion extending upward and away from the linear bottom to connect to the first and second side gussets”. 

Product Item: EP12851601073226

Material:  Bag (PET/PE; SPI resin #1 and #4; 4.4g)  

Spout and Cap (PE; SPI resin #2; 11.1g

Total Weight: 15.5g


Length:  160mm

Width:   107mm

Volume: 360cc (12.5oz max) 

Spout ID:  26mm (Tapered 25.7 - 24.3m m)