Mix On Command® (MOC®) Shaker Bag 

Patent US 9,821,284 Abstract:

A mixing assembly includes a bag of appropriate size, configuration, shape and material and a closable spout that may have extensions of various lengths, shapes and configurations to provide enhanced mixing of a component contained in the bag upon the addition of a second component. Once the closure of the spout is removed, the second component, typically a liquid such as water, milk, juice, chemical, oil substrate, or the like, can be added to the container for mixing. After the closure is refitted, the two components are mixed then consumed or dispensed, either by removing the closure or from a separate spout or nozzle fitted to the closure.

Design Features 

A patented design that allows the liquid to filtrate and traverse around the ingredients to avoid clumping and to provide shear and mixing.

Claim 1:

“An assembly for mixing contents therein, comprising a bag having an interior for containing a product therein, the bag formed from a front panel and a rear panel:

a spout fluidly connecting with the interior of the bag ;

an expandable side gusset forming sides of the bag, the expandable side gusset including a first expandable side gusset connecting first sides of the front panel and the rear panel; and

a linear bottom of the bag that omits a flat surface and lacks gussets, the linear bottom formed from sealing a bottom edge of the front panel and the rear panel; and 

a connecting bottom portion of the bag that lacks gussets and extends from the linear bottom at each side thereof , the connecting bottom portion extending upward and away from the linear bottom to connect to the first and second side gussets”. 

Product Item: EP12851601073226

Material:  Bag (PET/PE; SPI resin #1 and #4; 4.4g)  

Spout and Cap (PE; SPI resin #2; 11.1g

Total Weight: 15.5g


Length:  160mm

Width:   107mm

Volume: 360cc (12.5oz max) 

Spout ID:  26mm (Tapered 25.7 – 24.3mm)

Case Study


MOC™ SHAKER BAG (30g Protein) is compared with Ensure and Premier Protein (30g Protein) in 11oz Tetra Pak RTD cartons and Boost (20g Protein) in 8oz RTD plastic bottles.

MOC™ SHAKER BAG is a Patented Single Serve Shaker Bag offering unique benefits over other “High Protein” beverage alternatives. These benefits are realized through the packaging and delivery of only the dried shelf stable ingredients. Mix On Command™ – Add water, Shake & Enjoy. Refrigerate for a cooler experience – up to several days.

Formulation Benefits

  • Formulation is simple without additives, stabilizers, emulsifiers.
  • Formulation can be 100% highest nutritive value Whey Proteins (WPC/WPI) since there is no retort processing to compromise flavor and mouthfeel characteristics.
  • Formulations can include Vitamins, Minerals and Bioactive ingredients without degradation during processing or distribution. 35g Protein possible.

Imagine the ingredient, energy and processing cost savings. No overages or secondary processing.

The packages

The MOC™ Shaker Bag is made from 100% recyclable Plastic (15.4g). To recycle the bag should be rinsed with water to remove any protein residues, the same for other RTD products. The cap, which represents 30% of the bag can be recycled directly without rinsing. If desired, the spout can be cut from the bag and recycled to achieve 74% recycling without using water.

Unlike alternative RTD “Tetra Pak” beverages the recycling of the MOC Shaker Bag is a simple single material recycle process. The Tetra Pak package, while claiming the benefits of “Cardboard over Plastic” is a multilayered (6) construction of cardboard, polyethylene, and aluminum. Not so easy to recycle – expensive and not able to be recycled in most municipalities due to the complexity of material separation.

*Tetra Pak with plastic spout and cap included (19.4g) comprises 56% cardboard, 40% plastic, and 4% aluminum.

Boost is 24.6g plastic. (36.9g for 30g equivalent)


  • MOC Shaker Bag with 30g Protein – Gross weight 58g.
  • Ensure & Premier Protein Tetra Pak with 30g protein – Gross weight 360g/365g.
  • Boost plastic bottle with 20g Protein – Gross weight 278g (417g for 30g Protein equivalent)

Imagine the cost savings for MOC™ Shaker bag for shipping and distribution – 6 times less by weight.

*Tetra Pak carton is 19.4g. Spout and cap is 4.0g. Tetra Pak board is 70% Cardboard, 25% plastic and 5% aluminum. 19.4 – 4 = 15.4. 15.4 x 70% = 10.8g cardboard (56%). 15.4 x 25% = 3.8

+4.0 = 7.8g plastic (40%). 15.4 x 0.05 = 0.8g aluminum (4%).

+Premier pallet is 15 x 11 x 12 (66”H) = 1980 units. 20 Pallet TL = 39600 units -15536kg

MOC Shaker pallet 15 x 11 x 15 (83”H) = 2475 units. 20 Pallet TL = 49500 units – 8186Kg